What Was Behind The 911 Incident

Not many people know that al-Qaeda (Arabic for "data base") was an invention by the Central Intelligence Agency for the covert operations in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation. It wasn't an organization, but a select list Mujahadeen fighters trained by the CIA to make it difficult and costly for the Soviet military, without the need for US troops, in which of course could escalate to global nuclear war. From 1988 to 2011, the core leader was Osama bin-Laden, more or less, but really under the control by US Intelligence. The CIA and Israeli Intelligence worked together with Saudi Arabia to form and control it for Israeli and American interest; the Mossad intelligence organization is for the State of Israel. From 1992 to 1995, the Mujahadeen fighters were used in Bosnia to install a puppet rigime there.

The incident was deliberately planned and contrived by Israel's Mossad and US's CIA, Rand Corporation, Project for a New America Century and other military neoconservative think tanks. This planned disaster that murdered  2,801 people was willful and deliberate and al-Qaeda was not involved, but a secret military contractor that does the dirty work, MPRI does it with former Mujfhadeen fighters trained in US military Air Force bases. It took years of planning and  Zacarais Moussaoui was one of the Mujshadeen fighters hired by this contractor, MPRI. The real motive was to influence the American public to support the military intervention in Iraq to keep it on the US dollar and operate the drug trade in Afghanistan for the US military's "black projects" and keep the fragile US economy afloat. What is not known very well is that Saddam Hussein wanted to take the oil off the US dollar and go with the OPEC organization to fix oil prices. He wanted to do this because the extreme abundance of US currency overseas from the US Federal Reserve Bank policies overprinting currency with interest that cause economic enslavement. This action really did the job of deceiving the US public and made it much easier to get the funding and support for US and coalition forces for Iraq and Afghanistan. Our top officials had to know, Attorney General Ashcroft made terrorism the lowest priority even when informed several times about it by the FBI underlings; FBI director Robert Mueller denied being informed. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on June 2001 changed the protocol that Air Force uses to scramble fighter jets for aberrant aircraft. After the attack, he changed the protocol  back to the former policy.

The action with at least two jetliners was done by MPRI assignees. The FBI and CIA and maybe even President Bush knew about them. When the incident happened on September 11, 2001, Bush was in Florida and wasn't surprised in the least. He remained very calm like he knew about it ahead of time. It was not just assignees but the Israeli Mossad involvement too.

Before the 2001 incident at the Twin Towers or World Trade Center was New York City's tallest buildings. Israeli Intelligence knew ahead of time and informed all of the Jews in the building not to show up on that Tuesday as well as certain wealthy influential persons. There was only one Jewish casualty in the Twin Tower buildings that came down. Statistically there should be some Jewish casualties, maybe 300 or 400 Jewish people if the Jews were not informed in advance. The Mossad knew and some FBI agents at the low levels of the bureaucracy knew, but at high level, the investigation was stymied because of the Mossad infiltration of the FBI and the actions from the White House staff.

As we all know, the planes crashed into the buildings that Tuesday. But if it were just the planes crashing into the buildings then the buildings would not collapse alone from just that. Looking at the videos and if I didn't know that planes crashed into them, it looks exactly like planned demolitions. The way buildings came down looks so suspiciously symmetrical; the explosions would need to me timed exactly right by experts or the building would topple down like a tree and be scattered all over the place. Also, there was this building seven that collapsed also, which wasn't hit by a plane at all;  it collapsed in the same way as the other buildings, while media agencies were trying to deflect attention away from this incident with another event to distract us, so most of us don’t know anything about it.

 Dr. Steven E. Jones from Brigham Young University shared my suspicions about the collapse of the buildings. He wanted to learn about things objectively using the laws of physics to explain the collapse. He created simulations and computer models to see if he could emulate the scenario of a symmetrical collapse with plane collisions only. He could not achieve it. But if he added carefully administered and synchronized explosions, he had success. Once the government learned about what he was doing, they harassed him and put pressure on the University to prohibit him from teaching classes. And then the University let him go. From that point on, he had to do his research independently. He was very lucky to get some samples of ash and dust from the site before cleanup on that Tuesday. An amateur photographer had the hunch to capture some samples and store them away for later use. Dr. Jones did an analysis, chemically and chromatographically with electron microscope. He found evidence that thermite and the more reactive nanothermite may have been used, because the presence of aluminum and iron oxide in some particles of the dust. Nanotermite can release tremendous amounts of energy very quickly and cause an explosion. Dr. Jones knows that thermite could bring the buildings down because of the high temperatures needed to melt the steel.

Dr. Steven Jones is a thankless hero! I am skeptical about some of the other research Dr. Jones has done, but he is well grounded on the investigation of the 911 incident.

Dr. Jones' Research Paper

The World Trade Center Building #7 Video    











It's a shame that such academic censorship exist where one pursues truth, albeit not the official account, and gets punished. Such suppression hurts the very integrity of such academic institutions. They get a reputation as being biased and unreliable where they can no longer be trusted! This is the kind of thing Stalin used to do in the USSR! I have seen first hand that when the government or corporations fund academic institutions, it ruins the the school's mission to be a reliable source of knowledge. This is why in the USA we can't get the best treatments for cancer and why healthcare is so expensive overall.

Other Examples of Censorship:    Academic Censorship at UC Santa Cruz       Censorship Thwarted at Columbia University

This incident shows how corrupt our government is. They don't care about us; they have an agenda of their own. They serve the very elite world of criminal syndicates, usually Jewish and from Israel or from the central banks.

SOME NEW INFORMATION: I have learned that some of the World Trade Center properties were owned by Silverstein Properties. Weeks before the incident, causality insurance was taken out on the buildings one and two and many others. Mr. Larry Silverstein, a Jew, made a handsome profit four billion dollars on the insurance claim. This demonstrates the Jews knew about it all along and many profited form it while our civil rights are stripped from us with the Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act.

 A controlled demolition expert Danny Jowenko was murdered by the CIA after making comments about it being an inside job for the building #7 collapse.

I received some information from a CIA insider - Susan Lindauer. She says that from August 22 to September 2, security cameras revealed that vans and personnel were taking sealed drums into the number 1,2 and 7  WTC buildings, between the hours 2:00 to 5:00 AM . She further says that she was told to stay out of the New York area for there will be an event. This is speculation, but the commercial jetliners may have been replaced with special remote controlled ones. Eyewitnesses said the planes had a dark neutral color, like it was from the military. They had a specially mounted flight termination module on the right underbelly of the plane.

With the incident at the Pentagon, the AA flight #77 Boing 757 did not crash there. It is just not possible when one looks at the damage. A drone called a Global Hawk either crashed into the Penagon or sent a missle in to the least used part of the Pentagon that was going to be renovated anyway. I have learned that in that area the US Navy had an account administration department and they were auditing the Pentagon ledger books for a 2.3 trillion dollar loss, discovered September 10. The Boing plane was sent to a secret air force base in Ohio,  where, the occupants were murdered and sent to Dover Air Force Base along with the remains of some of the victims of from the Pentagon. The plane was stripped of its paint and stripped for parts.

With the United #93 jetliner, it was diverted to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and it landed at 10:45 AM. The airport was evacuated to make sure no one sees the 200 departing passengers from the plane, at 11:15 AM. The passengers were escorted to an unused NASA building, the NASA Glenn Research Center. I believe they were euthanized and sent to the Dover Air Force Base, including Captain Jason M. Dahl. The plane did not crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania as alleged. See the short United 93 video at the bottom of the page!

"Mayor White said the plane had been moved to a secure area of Hopkins Airport, and was evacuated. United identified the plane as Flight 93."

                                               ---WCPO-TV, Cincinnati, Ohio, September 11, 2001, 11:43:57 AM.

"The US Government has consistently blamed me for being behind every attack. I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks, which seems to be planned by people for personal reasons. I have been living in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and I'm following its leaders' rules. The current leaders will not allow me to exercise such operations."

---Osama bin-Laden, from a statement to al-Jazeera within days after the attack

List of 19 of the Islamic Perpetrators           The chief Insider of the 911 Shadow Government





 A Short United 93 Video:

Not Shanksville but Cleveland!