Rebekah Roth Talks


Rebekah Roth and George Noory talk about the 911 incident of September 11, 2001. Rebekah has done some research on the subject and has some surprising conclusions. The 911 incident was a psychological operation by our government, the secret think tanks and neo-cons. This is some of the most provocative audio recordings ever. Must listen!


George Noory is the dominant host of the famous Coast-to-Coast AM radio show, a radio show that's broadcast in late hours of night on some radio stations, a show that has unusual and strange subjects for topics; like secret government subjects and projects, the peculiar and weird, the paranormal and UFO's. 

Rebekah Roth has had a long career as a flight attendant or stewardess and purser. She retired in 2004 and is the author of many books like Methodical Illusion.  

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