Anonymous Media Sources


This is about the Russian collusion especially and countless other items that are politically charged!


The mainstream media thinks we're idiots! To buy in on the media narrative, you must believe the following: 

1) What was reveled is super secret, yet we don't know what it was.

2) Random anonymous sources from the intelligence community must be believed, without question - you need not know the sources. 

3) When the media publishes classified material, including intelligence by our allies and material leaked by anyone other then the office of the President is completely awesome.

4) The media has been shown to be completely wrong repeatedly, but are not wrong this time.

With respect to this, publishing classified material is against the law. The mainstream media can't do this. It has to be hearsay, rumor or false information. One might accept anonymous information, but only when the reputation and integrity of the news service is stellar. This is not the case with the mainstream media. It's propaganda, by the repetitive utterance of the same message that one may begin to believe the falsehood. I don't believe it and you shouldn't either. It's not unreasonable to demand the identity of the anonymous sources to check things out.

Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie appeared on CNN on Tuesday to react to recent reports about President Donald Trump's alleged ties to Russia. Higbie, a Trump supporter, said he remains skeptical about the reports because they cite unnamed sources. "Tell you what, come out, name those people, then we'll have something to talk about," Higbie said. "They're hiding behind this anonymity." CNN host Kate Bolduan immediately went after Higbie.  "Please! Please don't even start with me, that you're just going to attack sources," Bolduan said. "That is ridiculous!" said Higbie.



It turns out that Seth Rich was the one that leaked the DNC secrets to Wikileaks that Trump was able to exploit. There is no evidence of Russian collusion. And even if there was it is a minor factor.