911 Video Exhibits

Video Exhibits

Video #1 911 Crisis Actor Fake Exposed

Video #2 911 Official  Narrative Mockery

Video #3 Initial footage they suppressed later.

After the event in New York, Rick Leventhal of Fox News was at Church and Reed Street and interviewed Crisis Actor who plugged the 911 narrative. His name is Mark Welsh. Some believe is real name is Mark Humphrey, a Hollywood "C" actor unemployed at the time. He was closely watched by his security handlers, who also kept the real witnesses away from the newsman. He planted the narrative that only heat from the fire from the jet fuel caused the collapse of the twin towers from loss of the structural integrity. He was the first person to call it ground zero. He was called a freelancer and well versed in his description. This video pokes fun at the official 911 story. This kind of footage has a problem. It goes against the official narrative that only fire caused the collapse. The video speaks of explosions like a lot of firecrackers on the Fourth of July. 
Video #4 Video clips Dan Rather would not show

Video #5 The kind of military plane used

Video #6 BBC announces collapse of 7.

This kind of footage has a problem. It goes against the official narratives, that a jetliner did not crash into the Pentagon and that United 93 did not crash in Shanksville. There are some eyewitnesses that swear that military planes collided with the Twin Towers, not the commercial jetliners. This I am not certain of , but it is possible remote controlled planes were used instead of commercial jetliner planes. Building seven was still standing while it was being announced!
Video #7 Jews offer rebuttal,911 as inside job. Video #8 George Bush incriminates himself. Video #9 Five dancing Israelis on 9/11!
I am trying to be fair and let the other side express their views. Their argument is emotional and they attack the critics as being crazy and prejudiced while mentioning their history of being persecuted from biblical times to present. He admits, indirectly, that explosives were used on 911. They were caught filming the event, knowing ahead of time about the event. They danced with glee about the success of the tragedty, shouting victory for Israel and Zionism. What is more they were caught with explosives while they were on the Washington Street Bridge. Later they were found to be Mossad agents and instead of making charges against them, they were deported.
Video #10 Kurt Sonnenfeld a FEMA cameraman commissioned as official videographer of 911.    
About 2 years later, 2003, he ran into legal problems, his wife committed suicide with a gun in his presence. He spent some time in jail and was vindicated of the charges against him after all that. Such a case would normally rest there. He leaves for Argentina along with his collection of tapes and effects. The US government tries to extradite him on this closed murder case. Not just once but four times. In some of his tapes, there is evidence of thermite being used to collapse the building, obviously against the narrative. The Interpol police rough him up.