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I recently heard on MSNBC from General Wesley Clark who was a former presidential candidate say, people that are disloyal to the country should be separated from the main population. I was outraged by his gall to openly express this. It makes me wonder about such people's private conversations and what is talked about behind those secret meetings in the government.

This clearly is a kind of police state mentality. I think  he means that people who question the geopolitical stance of the government should be put in concentration camps and such people are to be branded terrorists.     HEAR THE AUDIO!


The recent college shooting in Oregon on October 1, shows signs of a media staged event. Currently, it's hard to tell if it was a staged event or not. These kinds of killings are rare. But as we know, the media likes to blow it out of proportion to fulfill an agenda to remove the people's rights to have methods of self defense. I know Congress has the UN arms control treaty bill that is in limbo that could supersede the US Constitution second amendment. To get the process moving, they are desperate enough to use false flag tactics. Once they have removed the arms from the people, despotism is much easier to invoke. We hear and learn frequently of these kinds incidents most recently. Be assured there is no epidemic of crazy shootings in the US today.

 Mr. Dave's opinion on this false flag! They could substitute Chris's medications and plant guns in his residence and apply microwave energy to his head and make him crazy!



Today I talk of September 11! We hear the official account of that day in 2001, the day America was attacked. They want you to remember, to remember the myth. They want you to forget the true story. Most people by now know the true story. If your still in the dark, learn the truth.

This event was an inside job to fulfill the objectives of shadow government, mainly the domination of the Middle East and turn the USA into a police state. It was very successful and deceived the public and promoted Islamophobia. The incident was a psychological operation. It will be repeated again in the future.

Such a crime is expected to be repeated again and very soon. We could have a major collapse and you will be on your own for survival. Now is the time to prepare! Have plenty of water and nonperishable food on hand along with other essentials! 


Mr. Dave's Audio on the 911 Incident - X22 Report

911 Video Exhibit

It has come to my attention that dozens of Russian nationals were killed at the World Trade Center on that dreadful day September 11, 2001 in New York City. This murder has serious geopolitical significance across the world. I am so sorry about those affected. I offer my sincere condolences.

К моему пониманию, что десятки российских граждан убивали в Всемирном торговом центре в этой страшном дне, 11 сентября 2001 году в Нью-Йорке. У этого убийствя есть серьезная геополитическая значимость во всем мире. Это внутренняя работа. Мне очень жаль слышать об этом. Я предлагаю свои искренние соболезнования.

Bilderberg meeting is about to come to order in Austria! Some top 150 elites or so will be there. The meeting is secret and there is a news blackout. What they will be discussing will have a large impact on your life or whether you will live. These people are the ones who pull the strings and control governments and societies around the world. What they discuss is not in your best interest. Already they have a large police force at large to keep reporters at bay. Checkpoints are everywhere. They don't even want you to know that it exists. Among the members of Bilderberg  are the worst scum and villainy; many are with organized crime, where they kidnap children for slave labor and prostitution and where they control and profit from the illicit drug trade. Members are behind the quagmire wars that cause such devastation and sorrow.  HEAR THE AUDIO!    The meeting concluded!

Good News for privacy lovers and for freedom and democracy! The Patriot Act has expired. This Act goes against the Bill of Rights and hasn't improved our security nor thwarted a terrorist operation. For those that don't know, most these cowardly terrorist acts were commissioned by our government or the government of a close ally for psychological reasons to grab fascist power. All the information collected from all the citizens are to be used later for some sinister purpose, perhaps to blackmail, harass or even murder and torture innocent citizens.

Now for some cautious news! The USA Freedom Act is going to replace a lot of functionality of Section 215 of the Patriot Act. Our Fourth Amendment is still in danger. You are still a target of surveillance and it's a threat to your security and privacy. Be careful!

Thought you had First Amendment rights?


Well, Israel is very upset about the criticism. It wants to setup an international court system. It wants to gag your mouth so you can't talk about Israeli human rights atrocities.


They want to give this international court the power to extradite citizens of any country for what they call "hate crimes"!


Now speaking of human rights atrocities, current events show that there is tension between Jews in Israel. The Jews of Ethiopian origin are persecuted and harassed daily in Israel, because they have black skin. A Ethiopian IDF soldier was beaten up badly by Israeli thugs. There are currently riots in Tel Aviv and the Israeli establishment comes down hard on the protestors. The traditional media, as far as I know, has not said a word about it. The incident is a great embarrassment to Israel. Israel and Ashkenazi Jews don't want Americans to criticize and that's why they want a gag law. 

Zionist Media Lied About Iran

Occupied Congress doing the (Chosen) People’s Business

If you want to have a Congress to do the American people's business you need to remove Congresspersons like these:

Chris Smith

Nita Lowey

Eliot Engel

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Kay Granger

Steve Israel

Peter Roskam

Ted Deutch



Sanctions don't work!

For what cause does one go to war? We shouldn't go to war for anything except where survival is involved where the perpetrator is doing harm directly. Other countries plight shouldn't be of concern as far as with war. United States does harm to itself when it acts alone as the world's police. This county has a serious debt problem from all the military adventurism.

Sanctions and subversion are used as substitute for war or to levy power and control over a weaker power that's not conforming to the US foreign policy objectives; Israeli pressure groups control the political landscape in Washington. Obama has admitted that sanctions don't work. Israel does not want Iran to have nuclear weapons. There is no direct evidence that Iran wants them. To be fair to them, I think that they should be allowed to have them if they want them.  Our media has taken the Farsi words from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's mouth and mistranslated them to mean that Iran will destroy Israel, in which he never  intended to say. Mahmoud merely just speaks of the surmise of Israel from its own actions and internal conflicts. Israel is a fascist state that promotes racism and apartheid and violates international conventions on human rights. Iran has good reason to be concerned. Israel wouldn't exist without US aid.

This is a fact, Israel has repeatedly threatened preemptive nuclear first strike against Iran and only the action a few moderates stopped it. With this in mind, Iran has justification to have the weapons that will make Israel think twice about a preemptive first strike. That's only fair.

As for the sanctions, they don't work. They didn't work for Cuba and they won't work for Iran. Only the innocent people suffer from the economic sanctions. And, one way or another Iran will have and keep a nuclear program that suits it. They struggle to live with poor economic conditions, employment and taking care of family.     

The best policy is to remove the sanctions and allow Iran to have the nuclear program it desires and stop hurting the common everyday people. Iran is a peace loving country that doesn't like to messed with. There are extremists in any country. If this is a real concern to the US about Iranian religious extremists than maybe the focus should be on helping the Islamic Republic of Iran control and contain them if they can't do this themselves without our aid.

I think the real reason for the sanctions is reestablish full economic and political control of Iran so it stays on the petrodollar. Like central bankers want to do in Yemen, they also want to control Iran with a puppet government that is not for the people.

Russia may be secretly behind the sanctions. With the sanctions completely removed, Iranian oil will flood the market and cause the ruble to fall once again. Russia will suffer! An alliance between Israel and Russia may be forming.


Benjamin Netanyahu made his address to Congress. He did this without authorization from the White House. This shows the arrogance and disrespect for the President of United States. Speaker John Boehner has violated the Logan Act.
The Iran threat claim has gone on for years.
 Netanyahu is not trustworthy.
 Nothing really new!!

Open Letter to Zoe on Netanyahu


The reelection of Benjamin Netanyahu looks suspicious, like this close election was rigged. The informal polls show that he was not likely to win this time. He has, already, reneged on his promises for the Palestinians. He will continue with violations of UN protocol and conventions and commit more war crimes against the Palestinians and expand even more in East Jerusalem and the west bank of the Jordan River. He might unilaterally start a war with Iran.

The Boris Nemtsov murder looks suspicious! - Boris was a long time critic of the Putin Administration. He was shot at the Bolshoi Zamoskvoretsky Bridge in central Moscow near the Kremlin. It looks suspicious as hell! Looks like he is being made a martyr in the western controlled press. Putin critics abound and I just don't see the reason why Putin would want to get rid of him. If he wanted to, he would have done it years ago and much more discretely. I think it is an outside job, possibly the CIA or mercenary contractor as part of a psychological operation for the sake of propaganda outside of Russia and maybe to cause the demerit of Putin on the inside, so it will be easier to remove him by covert operation when the time is right, so they don't make a martyr out of him. This hurts Putin more than anything.   

 Убийство Бориса Немцова выглядит подозрительно! - Борис длительный критик администрации Путина. Он был застрелен на Большой Замоскворецкий мост около центра Москвы недалеко от Кремля. Он подозрительно! Похоже, он делается мучеником в западной контролируемой прессе.  Критики Путина предостаточно, и я просто не вижу причин, почему Путин хотели бы избавиться от него. Если бы он хотел, чтобы он сделал бы это много лет назад, и гораздо ещё дискретно. Я думаю, что это за работа, возможно, ЦРУ или  наемный подрядчик в рамках психологической операции ради пропаганды за пределами России и, возможно, привести к выговор Путина с внутренней стороны, так что это будет легче удалить его, скрытое операция, когда настало время, поэтому они не делают мученика из него. Убийство вредит Путин ещё, чем  что-нибудь.

The Prime Heath Hospital Invasion - The nonprofit Daughters of Charity Health System is nearly bankrupt and is forced to seek a buyer. I hear there was an agreement between pro-profit Prime Heath and the Daughters and it is up to the California Attorney General Kamala Harris to decide to let the deal consummate. If it does, it's bad for Californians. Prime Health is nothing more than a money vacuum that will bleed us dry. One of their goals is to monopolize the heath care system. Where Prime has taken root, the situation has been devastating for the nurses', doctors' and hospital workers' collective bargaining position. And patients have been screwed with inferior health care and high cost; the poor don't get service at all. Ms. Harris is likely to be under the political pressure and with the duress from the big guys, where she wants to run for the California senate ticket. If she opposes it, some other charity may take it over the Daughters. There will be changes, but they won't be so drastic and Daughters' philosophy may still be in tact.     More information!


I have proof positive that ISIS is a proxy army that the USA is supporting - ISIS is used as a token chip to make it politically palatable to send the infantry into countries that the US central bankers want to have puppet control of. I have a video of Arab grandmother who is rebuking the ISIS soldiers. They are acknowledging that they are receiving US arms and supplies.  MORE!

CodePink demonstrates at the Senate Armed Services Committee - Inspired by Christopher Hitchens' book published in 2001, they protest on January 29 accusing Henry Kissinger of war crimes. I chuckled at John McCain's reaction at the committee session. I condone CodePink! MORE!

Obama gave his speech in the State of the Union Address! -  We hear the same old lies once again! "For a nickel, for a dime, Obama will lie all the time!" I heard his remarks about the spread anti-Semitism which means he wants to protect the Zionist criminals at the expense of your liberty. He accuses Russia of having armed forces in Ukraine with tanks. There are no Russian tanks in Ukraine as far as I know. The tanks I see in the footage are Ukraine tanks, simple as that!       Interesting Remarks from Governor Gary Johnson

I understand that Kiev is violating the Minsk Agreement! -- It shells the southeastern regions independent of Ukraine in Donetsk and Lugansk. Washington accuses Moscow of malfeasance with the Minsk Agreement in which was authored by Moscow in the first place to achieve peace, saying that she has been supplying military aid to the Donetsk rebels.  Spokesperson Jen Psaki Stonewalls!

Look what they're coming up with to stigmatize protesters and others that question the government. - They're going to brand them as being mentally ill. The condition is ODD - Oppositional Defiant Disorder. When I heard about this, I chuckled. It's ridiculous. Questioning authority when something isn't right is your responsibility for citizenship. The term ODD comes from the American Diagnostic and Statistics Manual. You must be crazy and anti-Semantic to criticize the world banking system.       

Former Zionist from the days of old tells all 53 years ago! - Zionist revelations are nothing new. But what this Benjamin H. Freeman said as a former Zionist will shock you. If this doesn't persuade you, nothing will. Those in the service of our country have been deceived badly!      Benjamin H. Freedman

Congress not so divisive after all! - Some of the worst legislation comes at the end of the year, where the eyes are off of them. They passed non-binding resolution 758 where they passed anti-Russian war legislation preparing the path for war with Russia and passed protection for speculators of $330 trillion of derivatives to tap into FDIC insurance and your bank deposits. Nice job 113th Congress! And to top it off, the Intelligence Authorization Act of 2015 passed because no one was on the floor to stop it, and of course, we just can't forget that very same intelligence community that are really the ones responsible for casualty and murders of the 911 incident in New York, Ohio and Washington, DC. With this Authorization Act, they can grab all your information without a search warrant and use it against you with no due process and place you in a prison camp. And what's worse the citizens of this county neglected to do the task of voting to remove the foreigners out of our Congress. Nice job fellow citizens!

It's a sad day for the USA! The revelation that the CIA is using torture against prisoners through out the world. Some of these techniques are grizzly and gruesome. The CIA has these rendition camps  in the world,  with concentrations in Europe and in the Muslim world. Some US citizens were kidnapped and sent abroad to some of these camps.         CIA TORTURE REPORT

I learned some new things about the USS Liberty incident during the Israeli Six-Day War - Our Secretary of Defense at the time, McNamara, was about ready to vaporize Cairo. It would have been the first use of the bomb after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The attack on the Liberty was intentional and not friendly fire. Its sinister purpose was to involve the US in another Middle East war.    USS Liberty Incident


Darren Wilson of Ferguson Missouri - He has been cleared of charges by the grand jury. I only now get to hear his side of the story. I believe Mr. Wilson and he acted in the way he was trained as a policeman. I don’t  think he had an alternative; he had to use his gun to kill Michael Brown. Mr. Brown was behaving really stupid. I am sorry to see his life end this way, but Mr. Wilson had no choice. The people of Ferguson have done irreparable damage to their own town and it is so sad. They will have to face the negative consequences for all this stupidly. The thing to do is wrap it all up and go back home and get back to normal. We need to get the real criminals that cause all the tension in the first place. All are innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law. That applies to everyone and no exceptions. We have the Patriot Act and NDAA which nullify all this and our constitution and that is so sad - we have CIA torture camps. So folks, please let it go!

 Чтение для русского человека

 I am changing some of my assumptions with new information on the Wilson case. I think the indictment was toyed with by the prosecuting attorney, Robert McCulloch. An unreliable witness was given unwarranted prominence in favor of Darren. However, looking at Darren's body language, I still really think he is being truthful and he knows that  he is innocent. The homicide appears justified. 

In looking at all the news coverage, it is hard to know what really is going on. When the rioters are looting, razing and pillaging the town, the police simply let them do it with no action to stop them. But with the peaceful protesters and independent journalists, the police get their clubs, tear gas and rubber bullets and trap the protesters where they are asked to move but realistically can't and then the police begin to inflict the pain and then start arresting these citizen protesters.


Ukrainian General
 Yan Kazemirovich Speaks


What's wrong with Iran?
Nothing! Absolutely Nothing!

It is one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, from 3,000 BC. This kingdom has survived it all and prospered under all conditions. I think they're far wiser than us. They want to have their manner of civilization and be peaceful. They don't want war and they respect the religions of other people. They think of Gods as prophets, like Jesus Christ as a prophet. They will not tolerate domination or military threats of any kind. They hate Jewish usury. Israel lies all the time about possible alleged nuclear threat, thirty plus years of accusations. Iran wants nuclear power to modernize its economy. Iran hates nuclear weapons.


The Islamic Republic of Iran respects the religious beliefs and feelings of all the people. They have a wisdom far superior to others. If Iran really wanted to destroy Israel, it would not be a problem to do so---Today! Iran refuses to be a part of the international central banker ponzi scheme. Yesterday, crude efforts were made to discredit the former president of Islamic Republic of Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying he was a Holocaust denier and for this he must be nutty. Well I looked at the Holocaust story and the reality of it is much different then proclaimed by the story. Mr. Ahmadinejad is held sacrosanct while Mr. Netanyahu is a big liar. 

The Truth About the Holocaust!

Interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Why would I even bring up the subject of Iran in the first place?

Well that's the power that Iran has. It just popped up in my mind. I don't normally think about Iran at all. This is one of real weapons that Iran has. It has metaphysical weapons that can defy time space and the minds of men.

Israel beware! Don't mess with Iran!

Now for the Anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran!

It is possible for Muslims and Jews to live in peace. It happens all the time in America. In America, we have people that come from all over the world, seeking a better life. We have a lot of diversity in language and culture, 150 languages and dialects and 6,000 or more religious sects. Jews go to their synagogues,  Muslims go to their mosques and Christians go to their churches. It is almost never an issue at all. Sometimes minor harassment occurs, but that's about it.

The Muslims have been falsely blamed for the 911 attacks and have faced undeserved harassment and persecution. 911 was an inside job by CIA and the Israeli Mossad. I am so sorry about that. Even some Indian Sikhs were killed and beaten up badly!

 What Was Behind The 911 Incident?


If we are to suspect an extremist religious group of an act of terrorism and not from our very own government then we should consider Jews first.

This based on past experiences!

USS Liberty Incident

The Chief Insider of the Shadow Government

Lavon Affair



Berlin Wall - November 10, 2014 is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

Берлинская стена -11 ноября 2014 года - Оно двадцать пятая годовщина разрушения Берлинской стены.


Berlin Wall - November 10, 2014 is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

Ronald Reagan said, "General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! … Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall!"

In the context of today, it just doesn't seem to be such a big deal. Even back then we had a shadow government with a democratic veneer. Behind the scenes, the puppets do what puppet masters say. The Berlin wall was constructed in 1961 by East bloc to protect the people from the furies of fascism. Today in Ukraine, what do we have? Fascism! Yugoslavia is all torn up riddled with violence and austerity. What we have in East bloc is poverty and despair. I guess when the wall came down, so did the protection. We don't have the liberty in the west proclaimed by the propaganda of the western media. We hear what the hidden shadow government wants us to hear. Any other voice is marginalized.

Берлинская стена -11 ноября 2014 года - Оно двадцать пятая годовщина разрушения Берлинской стены.

Рональд Рейган сказал, "General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! … Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall!"

Перевод от Рейгана на русском языке: "Генеральный секретарь Горбачёв, если вы ищете мир, если вы ищете зажиточность для Советского союза и Восточной европы, если вы ищете либерализацию: Приходите сюда этому вороту! М-р Горбечёв откройте этот ворот! М-р Горбечёв срывайте эту стену!"

Мой голос на русском языке!


В контексте сегодняшнего дня, это просто, кажется, не быть таким грандиозным. Уже тогда у нас был теневое правительство с демократической шпоном. За кулисами, куклы делают задания, что кукловоды говорят. Берлинская стена была построена в 1961 году Восточно-блоком, чтобы защитить людей от фурий фашизма. Сегодня в Украине, что у нас есть там? Фашизм! Югославия все разорваны пронизана насилием и жесткой экономии. Что нас есть в Восточно-блоке является бедность и отчаяние. Я думаю, когда стена пала, так она исчезала защиту. У нас нет свободы, что западной провозглашенной пропаганды западных СМИ. Мы слышим, что скрытая теневое правительство хочет, чтобы мы слышим. Любой другой голос не придавать особого значения.

I have heard the bad news that there will be 'boots on the ground' after all, even just yesterday Obama said he wouldn't send troops in. The ultimate goal here is to get into Syria to depose the leader Bashar al-Assad and replace him with the puppet leader that the central banking cartel likes, in which the petrodollar can be propped up, and then, do the same with Iran later, to depose  Hassan Rouhani. This will put Iran on the petrodollar as well. It's a part of the American exceptionalism and  the US imperialism for the benefit of the central bankers and the Jewish elite in Israel and not the people. Those beheading videos are likely fake from a CIA propaganda production company contractor, SITE Intelligence Group. I see no motivation or means for ISIS (ISIL) to make propaganda videos like these.

My take on the Ebola outbreak - From the very disturbing news I hear, we have the first Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan. He flew from Liberia to Brussels then to Washington, DC and finally Dallas. In about four days he has symptoms, a flu like headache and fever... Russian translation available! У нас есть перевод на русском языке!

13 Year Old Victoria Grant makes a speech! - I was very impressed by the speech of this young lady. I couldn't say it better myself!   People are wising up to the international banking and finance schemes. She mentions the 0.1 % that own most of the resources and asks the daunting questions about the reasons why there is so much poverty and despair in the world today, why most of us have little control of our bodies of government and why there are so many devastating wars. My hat's off to the young lady. With such young people, I think there is hope for the future.


I have been pondering about the assassination of Kennedy in 1963! - I found out why it happened! Something about it seemed so strange, so odd and so funny. I just couldn't put my finger on it. Our government has been trying to keep the lid on it. This explains why Obama is acting so strange, like a marionette. I have written an article about it, both in English and Russian.

His name is Lucien Sarti


У нас есть перевод на русском языке!


What Was Behind The 911 Incident?   Others were in involved in the crime! See Professor Jones'  video!

День Девятисот Одиннадцати
Это с русским яыком!

CIA false flag and psychological operation!

I don't like John Boehner, but his proposal to impeach the President is a good idea!
President Obama has abused his power and needs to be removed from office.

I hear that John Boehner has been silenced by extortion by the NSA! The real purpose of the NSA is to spy on Americans and use the dirt to extort when it is called for, and that's all. This is nothing new it has been going on for years and years. Technological innovations have made it much easier to be much more profound and invasive. NSA should be abolished. NSA has used extortion on members of the Supreme Court and other members of Congress.



Mr. Lippy is…   Pinocchio's apprentice!
М-р Липпи... Ученик Буратины!

I have given President Obama a nickname, "Mr. Lippy" for his lip service. He says one thing and then another to placate one group or another. The words he speaks are empty. In Russian I call him (Я называю его) "М-р Липпи". "Lip Service" значит сериал пустые слова.

Said so clear by Mr. Longnose!

Zionist puppetry by David Axelrod!


The ship is staying afloat from the illegal drug money, from the sale of poppies from Afghanistan! It is another reason for the 911 incident. The CIA wanted to get the troops into Afghanistan to protect the poppy farmers from the Taliban. The 911 incident was part of the strategy even with the murder of 2,801 victims at the World Trade Center, as a false flag event, to get into Iraq for the oil and Afghanistan for the minerals and illegal drug trade and with the blessings of Attorney General Ashcroft (who suppressed the preventive measures) and President George W. Bush. Without the drug money, the ship will sink! CIA agents are involved in money laundering and the actual transport of the drugs. That's to fund and prop up secret "black" military and political operations. CIA drug operations are focused to hurt Afro-American families to force their children into a culture of drugs and vice, to be a source for cannon folder and a supply of torsos for the prison industrial complex. A slavery of a different order! For the benefit of financial and political insiders: Zionist and neo-conservatives! These insider people are trying to start a global war to cover their crimes and to cloak the responsibility for the upcoming financial collapse.


What Was Behind The 911 Incident?


Is there virtue in keeping a gun? Well yes! It just depends on the situation!

An Eleven Year Old Saves Mother!     With a gun!


X22 Report was banned from YouTube!   Just recently, just as I was preparing the web page, Mr. Dave's report has been restored again, but I think he was a victim of political censorship.  X22 is a popular doom-and-gloom global conspiracy video page on YouTube. I suppose regular viewers and listeners complained enough to make YouTube reconsider or perhaps a lawyer got involved.  Well, it's good news for now! I know of him by his first name only and that name may be an alias. If some angry people found out where he lives, he would have a real security problem.



When Shortwave Radio Was King!

Radio Moscow Special

Radio Moscow QSL







There are those that want to restrict your access to the internet. This is much like forcing us all to take dial-up instead of high speed broadband. Some consumers are indeed forced to take it, those that are too poor to afford it and their kids suffer academically and fall behind in school and become at-risk youth later. There are business interests and politicians where that is just fine. Worse yet, they want to take it away from the rest of us. You really do need to care and petition your officials.



My dear Joseph Biden! Watch your tongue because the Jewish marauders are going to have a hissy fit!

Biden is Politically Incorrect

Last month's decision by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, backed by an overwhelming majority of her Democratic colleagues, to go on record in support of Israel's war on the Gaza Strip does not give much hope that the expanded Democratic majority will be much more sensitive to human rights than we have seen after years of Republican rule.

In a direct challenge to the credibility of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the International Red Cross and other reputable humanitarian organizations, an overwhelming bipartisan majority in both houses of Congress went on record in a January 9 vote that the Israeli armed forces bear no responsibility for the large numbers of civilian casualties from their assault on the Gaza Strip.

Warning to Politicians!    Do not kowtow to the Israeli or AIPAC lobbies!

Jews only make up only 3% of the US population. People are beginning to wise up to the ways of the manipulations that these pressure groups create. You face getting kicked out of office if you take too much money from any of them. We the people want 100% loyalty to United States of America and the people's best interest. We will not tolerate corruption and foreign intrusion in our internal affairs, especially from Israel. The media companies should start to separate and divest from all forms foreign influence, including Israel. Those that don't adapt will get boycotted. Warehouse and longshoremen are encouraged to strike and boycott shipping, both to and from Israel. Businesses are encouraged not have any association with Israel.  Those involved in banking and finance will eventually face dramatic changes in how things are done in the future. If you are a politician, it is a good idea to refuse money or gifts from Goldman Sacks or any of the major banks or mortgage companies or allow yourself to be influenced too much. Don't attend any meetings with the Israeli groups, neo-Nazi groups or neo-conservative organizations like John McCain has done. We don't want sock puppet politicians but real leaders that make a difference instead of giving 'lip service'!

I learned about an extremely interesting alternative media blog website. It's called WordPress!

http://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/     Read the real story not Washington's propaganda!

I learned about this YouTube Video from David Duke. He is one of those people that the establishment has tried to discredit. I hear that he gets harassed by the FBI. He is labeled by the establishment as racial supremacist and an ally of KKK which he denies. In this video he tells you about the 'Real Rogue State'.

The Real Rogue Nuclear State    Israel Bombs Gaza With Illegal Ordnance!

I have pulled this item to the top so you can know that all Jews are NOT Zionist:

Are All Jews Zionist?       See the videos and decide for yourself!


I hear that white phosphorus was used on innocent civilians in Gaza in 2008, against the Geneva War Conventions, article 2 protocol III, 1980. Hey Israel!  What was the purpose of this criminal act?

Why do our some of our US public officials meet with Ukrainian neo-Nazis?

Почему некоторые наши политики встречаются с украинскими неонацистами?

Where is the anger from the American Jews? Где гнев из американские евреев? 

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Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland with Tyahnybok

Svoboda neo-Nazi leader
 Oleh Tyahnybok

Senator John McCain
 with  Oleh Tyahnybok



Americans learn the hard facts about the government - They are learning with certainty that it is not a democracy. It is a plutocratic republic which a small core of the extremely wealthy control everything. John Boehner comes from an Ohio congressional district (the 8th district that borders with Indiana, 5% of Ohio's population)  that is relatively sparse and easy to get elected. He wouldn't fair well in any other place in the nation. He then pushes his way with favors and placating the strong lobbyist to the strongest position in the House of Representatives where he can do what he wants regardless of the harm done to the public interest or world economy.  That's how the plutocrats do it!

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Somehow by the GOP the working poor are not important - I just received this message from Alan Grayson. He released an article to the Tampa Bay Times about a tragic case of a poor working woman that had a family to support and could only get just $11,000 a year from working three jobs. She at 32 had advanced cardiovascular disease. Because she was in the donut hole, a range of income from $5400 to $10,400, she doesn't qualify for Obamacare nor Florida State Medicaid. The federal government has offered to pay in full for the Medicaid expansion, but the Florida Republican legislators have refused this aid. This women named Charlene Dill died from heart complications. She could have received therapies that may have saved her life if Florida expanded Medicaid. But because she couldn't afford it, she had no access to the therapies that might have saved her life. The Republican Party doesn't care about you nor your baby; it doesn't care about people period, even as it tries to strip the rights away from women and their birth control options and cut veterans' benefits. Even the Catholic Church is beginning to wise up to these Republicans that in the past they once supported.  LEARN MORE


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another Willey corporations are trying to pull on you! -  This will involve stripping away our human rights. It will further destroy what's left of our dwindling middle class. It will take public interest programs out of our control and globalize it with the control by a small group of corbel. The lobbyist are trying to streamline the legist procedure to make it a up/down roll call vote to make it pass. If it passes, you won't have free speech as guaranteed by first amendment of US constitution. We will lose our sovereignty. Most likely, the stanch conservatives of the GOP are behind it.   


Your food supply is subject to terrorism. Due to globalization your food supply could easily be contaminated in a number of ways, including adding botulism in your milk and cheese. And, there is not much the government is willing or able to do about it. Republican congressmen are blocking the funding needed to the FDA and US Department of Agriculture to insure satisfactory inspection of homegrown and imported foodstuffs.  LEARN MORE


Your electrical power grid is subject to sabotage, warfare and terrorism. We all know about the Metcalf Substation incident last year, where 120+ rounds of ammo was fired into the ten substation transformers and did $18 million in damage.

I have new information about the perpetrators; this was done by members of military, US Marines! North Korean agents have infiltrated the US military and the April 16th incident occurred after threats from the Korean Central News Agency about a pending attack on the US mainland on Sunday, April 14, 2013, and it would occur on April 15th or a day later which is a special holiday in North Korea, Kim Il-sung's birthday, "Day of the Sun". I heard a Korean man talk at an IN-N-OUT burger joint, at the corner Chilpancingo & Contra Costa Boulevard, Concord, California, April 21, 2013. He was talking about Kim Jung Un and he appeared to be very happy about a success of some kind. He spoke in Korean and my proficiency in Korean is limited. He was seated with a fully uniformed Marine who knows Korean. It would be wise to check to see if 5.45 x 39mm or 7.62 x 39mm ammos ware missing from US Marines' stockpiles near the date of the incident and any trucks or passenger cars from the US Marines stockade or from the General Accounting Office were missing or were used without authorization at the time.

Luckily, there was no loss of power service. Today we have a large population that is dependant for their survival with the working of the power utilities. If there is no power for an extended period of time, millions of people die, from cold, from no water, from no sewage transport, from no food and from no transportation. Our high voltage utility system has special components that are not made in United States anymore, especially for making those massive high voltage transformers.  If our national electrical system is destroyed, it can take years if ever to recover at tremendous cost. I think it will be the final collapse of civilization. The one threat NOT BEING ADDRESSED! Is the EMP  threat! What the utilities need to do is shield and make redundant the systems of electrical grid. This is expensive and the power companies don't want to cooperate and do this on their own. Federal action is needed to make them do it. There is this HR 2417 called the Shield Act that must not be held up in the Committee on Energy and Commerce. The chairman for this committee will not let it process to House floor, effectively blocking it . His name is FRED UPTON from Michigan. For the benefit of civilization on earth, action must be taken to stop FRED!  EMP means electromagnetic pulse - it can come from a nuclear bomb and it can come from solar flares.



I just received this E-mail from Gary Johnson -- who is running for president as an independent candidate. I recommend that you hear him out for he wants to restore constitutional law in the US where citizens still have rights and in which we don't turn into a police state. I myself have had my rights violated many times already. He is livid about what happened in Taos, New Mexico. In the Taos Valley Ski Area, armed militia men with a drug sniffing dog used their power to search every vehicle parked in the Ski Area for any illegal contraband - drugs, weapons and whatever. These militiamen dangerously pointed their weapons at the visitors and forced them on the ground with their face down without apparent cause  or suspicion for doing so. LEARN MORE

As you may not know, drone warfare is occurring in Yemen. In this small Arab country, the US strikes almost daily and maybe the civilians aren't the main target. The drone activity is causing considerable damage to innocent victims; such are the victims that can't fight back. Representative Alan Grayson has conducted House committee meetings to conduct investigations of the worst of the wrongdoing. Alan Grayson has made the Zionist angry, so the Zionist controlled Fox News has started a smear campaign against Alan.  LEARN MORE  

The People's Republic of China has seen the light! - China has announced that it will close down the political prison labor camp system. This is a part of their economic modernization scheme. The Chinese Communist Party has decided that these camps are costly to maintain and are no longer necessary and that it impedes scholarly and intellectual growth of the people. 

Many of our adversaries describe our foreign policy as imperialist and they are 100% correct! - In Washington and at many prestigious universities like Stanford University, we have these think tanks. They have a strong influence our external services. We behave like an empire. Read about PNAC - The Project for a New American Century.         New American Century