I recently received this reply from Senator Dianne Feinstein about the ISIL clan in Iraq and Syria. She doesn't seem to understand that this group is a proxy army used with the Central Intelligence Agency, to advance neo-con objectives. That it makes it easier to get American troops on the ground much easier without congressional oversight and without the approval of the American people that are very war wary at this time.


President Barack Obama requested the authorization for the use of force (AUMF) against ISIL. While I strongly oppose this, being one of the war wary, she feels that it has problems with it,  that it is too restrictive and does not go far enough. That she wants boots on the ground if necessary to "stop it!" before they setup a foot hold where they can export terror.


The question is why is the CIA aiding them in the first place? Why are we not investigating the CIA and some of cronies of bureaucracy that have set this kind of disastrous foreign policy that has cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars?


--Robert Manning


Dear Mr. Manning:


Thank you for writing regarding your thoughts on the President Obama's proposed Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).  I appreciate the time you took to write, and I welcome the opportunity to respond. 


As you may know, on February 11, 2015, the President submitted to Congress draft legislation that would authorize the use of military force against ISIL (ISIL AUMF) or "associated persons or forces."  This draft ISIL AUMF would repeal the 2002 Iraq AUMF and would expire after three years. 


While I agree that the Administration and Congress need to work together to enact an ISIL AUMF, I have concerns about the limitations this AUMF would impose on the President's ability respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances on the ground.  The draft AUMF specifically does not authorize the use of U.S. military forces in "enduring offensive ground combat operations."  While I hope the U.S. would not need to reintroduce ground combat troops in Iraq, I do not believe an ISIL AUMF should limit the President's options to do so if needed. 


Please know that while I understand the reluctance of many Americans to take steps toward any involvement in another war, I strongly believe that we must confront ISIL before it further consolidates its power in the heart of the Middle East.  We cannot allow ISIL to establish a safe haven in Iraq and Syria from which it can export terror.  I therefore support President Obama's decision to directly intervene in Iraq and Syria to protect U.S. interests and to form a united international coalition to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL.  Furthermore, I stand ready to work with the Administration and my colleagues in the Senate to pass a strategic and comprehensive ISIL AUMF. 


Please know that I have taken careful note of your views, and I truly believe that the United States must unite and lead the world against ISIL's horrific actions.  As the Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, be assured that I continue to closely follow events in Iraq, Syria, and the surrounding region, and I will keep your thoughts in mind as the Senate discusses U.S. policy to defeat this terrorist organization.  


Once again, thank you for writing.  I hope that you will continue to keep me informed about issues of importance to you.  Should you have any further comments or questions, please feel free to contact my Washington, D.C., office at (202) 224-3841 or visit my website at www.feinstein.senate.gov.  Best regards.

Sincerely yours,

  Dianne Feinstein
         United States Senator

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