Sandy Hook Subjects and Information:


Disclaimer: The following may or may not be true!

Sources: Dr. Jim Fetzer and his literature, Wolfgang Helbig, various Youtube videos,

the testimony at the hearing of the lawsuit against Alex Jones for defamation, and my own thinking.


December 14, 2012 - The Day of the Shooting. 9:30 - 9:35 AM the approximate time.

Sandy Hook Elementary School - The place of the alleged shooting

63 Yogananda Street - The place where Nancy and Adam Lanza lived

872-YEO - License of Adam Lanza's black Honda Civic

Registered to Christopher A. Rodia

(Allegedly by Connecticut radio dispatch)

Said to belong to Nancy Lanza

Said guns of Adam Lanza: Izhmash Saiga 12 gauge shotgun

Bushmaster XM15-E2S .223-caliber semiautomatic rifle

(Said to be used to kill his mother, Nancy Lanza)

No forensic evidence on her murder.

No A. Lanza Prints or DNA found on the Bushmaster. He never touched it.

Glock 20 10mm semiautomatic handgun

Sig Sauer P226 9mm semiautomatic handgun

The Bushmaster was left in the trunk.

No Shotgun was at the scene.

There is evidence of planting guns at the scene beforehand.

The guns could not be legally purchased in Connecticut.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School was taken out of commission in 2008;

photos show no visible emission of steam vapor on Dec 14th.

It was 38 F outside, morning of December 14, 2012.

The day earlier before the event, crime tape was up, Wayne Carver and police

were there, no signs of panic. No dead bodies are visible.

No windows were shot out as alleged, that came later.

There was evidence of foreknowledge before the event took place.

Portapotties were placed before the event on December 14.

Bottled water and pizza were ordered for the firehouse,

the firehouse on the corner of Riverside Road and Dickenson Drive.

All entrances were blocked off. One couldn't use the Riverside Road

for emergency traffic.

There was a sign-in procedure at the firehouse. The roads were blocked,

Riverside Road and Dickenson Drive.

The FBI crime statistics for Newtown show no murders

or non-negligent manslaughters for 2012.


Adam Lanza - The Alleged Perpetrator - maybe he didn't exist - He was 20 years old, 6 feet tall and weighed 112 pounds.

If he existed at all, he must have been starving.

To carry all the heavy guns, riffles and ammo, would seem impossible for him.

None of the neighbors knew the Lanza's.

There is not much information about him.

None of the local gun training ranges that he was supposed to have

used have no information about him ever being there.


Ryan Lanza - Brother of Adam, lived in New Jersey

Peter Lanza - Father of Adam, divorced from Nancy

Nancy Lanza - Mother of Adam, supposedly killed by Adam


Robbie Parker - Father of Daughter Emily - subject of suspicious interview by CNN

Emily Parker - Alleged Victim of Sandy Hook Shooting

Alissa Parker - Mother of Emily


Dave Wheeler - Crisis Actor at Sandy Hook played the roles of "sloppy sniper" (maybe)

and grieving father of a child (Ben) that did not die.

Francine Wheeler - Wife of Dave Wheeler - Crisis Actress at Sandy Hook

and Personnel Assistant to the Financial Committee Chairman of DNC

Benjamin Wheeler - Son of David Wheeler. He may not of really existed or not associated

with Sandy Hook. He allegedly showed up at the NFL kickoff show.

Wayne Carver - Medical Examiner and spokesman about Sandy Hook, he was

called a coroner. I understand he is now deceased.

Gene Rosen - Friend of the Surviving Children, maybe he too was a crisis actor. He never got his

story straight.

Leonard Pozner - Father of Noah Pozner

Veronique Vabner-Hauler-Pozner - Mother of Noah Pozner (Machael Vabner)

Noah Pozner - One of the Alleged Victims of the Shooting. I think his identity really was

Machael Vabner, the photograph of him when Vabner was younger.

Vabner to my knowledge still lives.

Michael Vabner - Many believe the photo of Noah was of him when he was younger

maybe taken in 2001. There were closed caskets only.

No visual direct ID allowed for the families of the victims.

Kaitlin Roig-Debellis - First Grade Teacher, who supposedly hid the children in a small washroom
to keep them away from Adam the shooter.

Victoria Leigh Soto - A "deceased" Sandy Hook Teacher. Her facebook page about her

death was active 3 days before the incident, asking for money.

Sisters of V Soto - Jillian Soto and Carlee Soto - Carlee was politically active


William Aldenberg - The alleged FBI agent that came to New Town

- claimed to be that SWAT agent.

Sloppy Sniper was that fake agent Aldenberg said was himself;

David Wheeler was positively identified as false agent as a crisis actor.

What Aldenberg said was a lie so I thought. He could have made false testimony in court.


An afterthought, Aldenberg may be telling the truth after careful

examination of the photos. His ears are the giveaway. If true, he was

very unprofessional in handling the weapons; he could have killed someone.

He had no FBI patch on to identify him. He seemed to try to keep himself obscure.

He wore a helmet and the other FBI agents didn't.

Maybe he was the actual shooter, if the 20 kids and

6 adults actually died, and not by Adam Lanza.


Wolfgang W. Helbig - Researcher for the Sandy Hook hoax.


Jim Fetzer - Researcher of Sandy Hook hoax. He believes it was a FEMA drill.


Dannel Malloy - Governor of Connecticut at the time of event - a former governor of


Lieutenant J. Paul Vance - Connecticut State Police spokesman

Threatened to arrest people who say something different about Sandy Hook


Sally Cox - School Nurse - probably fake - her story doesn't add up. She survived.


Allison Wyatt - One of the school child victims as Lily, supposedly died from the massacre,

shows up later.