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What a relief it is, for Trump to win the presidency! No more threat from crooked and crazy Hillary.  We still  have a lot of problems of corruption in Washington. Trump's appointments are of concern. The Wall that he has promised will not likely be built. Don't be surprised, if it is "business as usual" and more of the same. The federal government doesn't really represent us. We will still be ruled by oligarchs - no question about that. You need to get active and stay active. People need to do a better job in voting and staying informed and not relying on the mass media for information.  Why vote for the same corrupt politicians!!


The Israeli-American Alliance is beginning to show some weakness - Our strong ally is beginning to turn away. It is a good thing because the US interest are different from Israel's. For years, Israel has practiced apartheid and eugenics which is inconsistent with the US civil rights laws, which came from the 1960's civil rights movement protest of Dr. Martin Luther King.   U.S.-Israel relations worsen


This is a Soviet era television set in the United States. Learn about it and the Russian Language.

Yunist Soviet TV Set





I just received an e-mail on the drone activity in Pakistan - Twenty to thirty percent of the victims are innocent civilians that are no threat to the US in any way. It creates an atmosphere of hostility that could create new security problems for the United States. The motivation for the use of the drones is to "keep military personnel out of harm's way" and to save money for carrying out a Israel-centric foreign policy of imperialism and to "protect the security of the United States". It has been documented that a thousand or more Pakistani civilians have been killed to date. Alan Grayson is holding hearings in the Rayburn Office Building in Washington, DC to hear from some of the victims.   LEARN MORE

YouTube Video of the actual hearings on Pakistani Strikes  You will get no sound in the beginning and it runs long. Be patient.

Know that Alan Grayson has ruffled some feathers in the Zionist establishment and a smear campaign is in place to work against him to have him removed from office. He needs your support badly.


Henry Kissinger, our infamous war criminal, remarks on how gullible our military people are!

Why Henry is a war criminal?



This satellite picture is the proof that Jen Psaki has been accusing Russia of…
"Russian tanks in Ukraine".

It looks like toy tanks!!

Они похожи на игрушечные танки!!


John Boehner's invitation to Netanyahu to speak to Congress is backfiring - Mr. Boehner, a member of the House of Representatives, made the invitation without consulting neither the White House nor the State Department. Netanyahu is under pressure in his own country to cancel the trip.  MORE!


New internal tensions in Israel - It was getting so bad, that they had to dissolve the parliament. The internal conflict caused a scuttle, with the hawkish pro-war  preemptive first strike gang (hard liners) and the more moderate elements that focus more on the labor unions and the civilians.   Israel Power Scuffle


The United States is one step away from a dictatorship just as Ed Snowden said. With a stroke of the pen from the White House, it can happen. That's the kind of power we have at the top. And this appears to be planned 2 centuries ago! Believe it or not!!



Most notable is a dormant concentration camp in Beech Grove, Indiana. It is clear what it is intended for. There is a holding area that is enclosed in very sharp razor wire, with guard towers overlooking it. This part of Indiana is a low crime rate area with nothing to offer a thief. It has prison type turnstiles for processing people. There is a chamber area and some tanks of hazardous chemical gasses. It was once an AMTRAK train depot repair station closed in 1993 and it is been converted into an auxiliary detention camp with helicopter landing area; it's run by the US Air Force. More impressively, it has a rendition plant for cremating corpses. There are some tractors and power shovels and bags of lime and disinfectants.


Partial List of US Concentration Camps                       Executive Powers List


From the Voice of Russia: Group from Jordan is behind the August 21 Syrian chemical warfare incident!

Senator Diane Feinstein would like to share her views - She accuses, after some secret CIA briefings in which Representative Alan Grayson disputes as too concise or too vague to draw any conclusion, the Syrian regime as the perpetrator of the gassings on August 21. READ HER VIEWPOINT HERE  "The Syrian Intervention Speech"  I graciously thank Senator Feinstein's staff for providing it!    

Representative Allen Grayson gave an interview - He says the information in the four page unclassified CIA report was doctored. READ HIS NEWS BRIEF HERE

I couldn't be more pleased to see the successful resolution of Syrian Crisis!  The good news seems to be coming out in a continuous stream. Proposals to suspend the civil war among the rebel factions and the Syrian Arab Army. Bashar Assad cooperates and gives information about the stockpiles of chemical weapons. All are good steps. But I won't be satisfied until the perpetrators are brought to justice on war crimes against humanity. The above events frustrate the hardcore Zionists.

Brief from George Galloway on Syria


Benjamin Netanyahu is furious about the new Iran propaganda offensive - From the Associated Press: UNITED NATIONS — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu played the spoiler Tuesday to Iran’s attempts to ease relations with the West, calling the Iranian leader “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” and declaring that Israel will do whatever it takes to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons, even if it has to stand alone. Speaking to world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly, Netanyahu gave a point-by-point rebuttal of President Hassan Rouhani's speech last week signaling a willingness to discuss Iran’s disputed nuclear program.

From TIME Magazine: Israel’s Netanyahu Tries to Get Between Obama and Iran


Недавно, мы имеем некоторые улучшения в отношениях с Ираном. У Президента Обама была возможность поговорить с Хасаном Рухани. Переговоры были полезны. Биньямин Нетаньяху не рад об этом. Он хочет остановить это.


The new president Hassan Rounani of Iran has been conciliatory to the US - This is very encouraging news. Iran is changing its hard line and recognizing the evil of the Nazi holocaust. Previously it did not recognize this historical fact. Furthermore it wants to have communication with the administration. This complicates things for the Zionists and their think tanks that want to have war with Iran.


US Congress is embroiled in another budget fight - The Tea Party Republicans are holding the line. They are trying to strip the funding from the Affordable Care Act or force the US Government into default. Whether or not the ACA will be the remedy for broken down US health care system that has devastated so many, where the people die from lack of medical treatment or are ruined financially, I am not sure. I can't tell if ACA is the solution or will  just make things worse. But trying anything is better than nothing at all. A large pool of money collected from all can help relief the financial burden of very expensive healthcare procedures and programs; and it can save lives, relief suffering, and make workers fit for duty. The workers and their employers pay for most of it, to the point the even the unions don't like it but government pays little for it and only for certain subsidies for the very poorest people. If the Tea Party Republicans get their way, then we're back to the very bad default market driven healthcare system, where the insurance companies make big profits on those left holding the bag and with the US government defaulting on its obligations as well.  To keep raising the debt ceiling means the government and thus the taxpayers will pay more on the debt. This cannot be sustained and fiscal discipline to cut waste from government must be administered but not at the expense of the American people. Cutting the aid to Israel and stopping the military adventurism is good place to start. The people that have the money have to pay the tax.  Failure could trigger the president using his emergency powers!  Это по-русски


Я за права геев - Там разница между людьми. Около 3,5 % люди гей. Я поговорил к доктору и он говорит: "Да, это верно." Эти люди должны быть защищены от вреда и домогательствах. Многие из этих людей не может выбрать их сексуальной ориентации. Мы знаем, у России есть проблемы  с жителями, там слишком мало. Решение состоит в том, чтобы позволить однополых семьях производить дети, с суррогатным материнством. Не беспокойтесь, дети будут все в порядки. Моя теория о гомосексуализме

Статья 6.21 анти-гей закон

Товарищи в знак солидарности - На автобусе AC Transit № 57, Саши флейшмана юбка,  трансгендера подростка, была  подожжен. Преступник схватил и предъявлены обвинения с департаментом полиций Окленда. На Мейбека высшей школы, студенты выражают свои симпатии к своим одноклассником. Некоторые из мальчиков носить юбки в знак солидарности.  Преступника имя Ричард Томас. У м-ра Томаса есть серьезная проблема с властями. Ему будет предъявлено обвинение двум пунктам обвинения - усугубляемое нападение и нападение с преступлениями с почвой преступления ненависти. Томасу 16 лет.

Новое Развитие -  Саша пришел домой сегодня от больницы. Его родители рады увидеть его дома. Ричард Томас будет привлекать к суду, как будто ребенком. Ему 16 лет. Ранее, он был для его быть привлечен к суду, как будто взрослым человеком. Там не будет никаких обвинений преступлений на почве ненависти. Уильям Дюбуа адвокат для Томаса. Он будет пытаться получить Ричард в суде как несовершеннолетен. Ричард Томас может обслуживать пожизненное заключение если признать виновным в суде как взрослым человеком с почвой преступления ненависти. Если пытался, как ребеноком, то он получил бы 3 года лишения свободы от Калифорнии власти молодежи (California Youth Authority).

Гея ралли для Саши

Иногда мне нравится носить моей сестры платье. Я ношу неё одежду, другого от моего пола.


Саша флейшман


From the US Department of State Website - Attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals: Discrimination based on sexual orientation is widespread in Russia. Harassment, threats, and acts of violence targeting LGBT individuals have occurred. Government officials have been known to make derogatory comments about LGBT persons.

In June 2013, the State Duma passed a law banning "the propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations" to minors. Russian citizens found guilty of violating the law could face a fine of up to 100,000 rubles ($3,100). Foreign citizens face similar fines, up to 15 days in jail, and deportation. The law is vague as to what will be considered propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations. As a result, commentators have suggested that the law may make it a crime to promote LGBT equality in public. Violence against the LGBT community has increased sharply since the law was passed, including entrapment and torture of young gay men by neo-Nazi gangs and the murder of multiple individuals due to their sexual orientation. Many view this legislation as encouraging such violence, with the majority of attacks against members of the LGBT community going unreported.


Vladimir Lenin Statue
in Seattle Washington

I thought I would never see anything like this in the United States of America. Yes, we indeed have a statue of Lenin on our soil.

We are a nation of contradictions. This is not in a museum but in a town square. I bet most people don't care or understand the significance of this statue. But he helped make the twentieth century what it was; he was the founder of the Soviet Union. He was Jewish and had ties with international bankers. I  don't like Jews but I guess we have to respect them and recognize their humanity regardless of the harm they do.  He destroyed the Romanov dynasty and inflicted tremendous suffering on the Russian people and surrogates. Maybe there would not be a Hitler without him.  



Representative Scott Perry says ObamaCare is too expensive. -  Scott Perry of the fourth district of Pennsylvania said that ObamaCare is too expensive for the federal budget. He says it will cost $5 trillion a year. If true, I don’t think we could do it. But there are other estimates that are far less pessimistic; some say it could just barely reach the one trillion dollar mark. But I say this: If the people aren't healthy then you can't have a healthy economy where you can get the tax base desired to support the federal programs, including the military ones. We really cannot afford not to have ObamaCare or a similar program that will do the job.      

The House Republicans are beginning to cave in. -  Many of them are beginning to see the damage that is incurred in their districts with the shutdown of the national parks and military outpost, contractors and bases. Sportsmen and the merchants that support them are outraged because they are losing money big time. As many as 22 HR Republicans have changed there minds and are now ready to support a "clean" continuing resolution. Only the Speaker of the House John Boehner is holding it up by not allowing a row call vote for this continuing resolution. I expect the situation resolved by Wednesday, which is very good news.

Representative Vicky Hartzler speaks of fairy tales about the ObamaCare (ACA) law! - Vicky Hartzler from the fourth district of Missouri speaks of the "evils" of ObamaCare. She says that one is forced to get insurance under ACA but that isn't true. You can elect not to have it, only you will pay a fine of less than $100 to the IRS. She tells a story of drastically steep insurance premiums and blames ObamaCare for it. The truth is that they go up anyway, only that they cover those that have a pre-existing condition and that they pay the legitimate claims. She somehow forgets about the subsidies that the IRS pays for low income works and how it cuts healthcare cost for them. The truth is some high income workers will see a big increase in premiums but that is only temporary as new cost savings begin to kick in from less emergency room use due to better preventive health care. We still will always have social problems that can affect the cost of health care. A better economy may help here too.

Learn the truth: ObamaCare Simple Premium Table                     This is Obamacare

Annual Premium Calculator from Kaiser Foundation for Your Situation Protection and Affordable Care Act


Doctor Dietrich Wittel warns us that Monsanto's genetically engineered corn is very dangerous! - Lab rats fed this corn consistently developed organ and tissue failures, through their short lifetimes, when compared to those that were not. He warns that it may take about twenty years before effects to show up in humans as catastrophic internal organ failure. It make me wonder what Monsanto's true mission is:  Is it kill us all?  Our Congressmen have the gull to pass the Monsanto Protection Act to hold the company harmless in litigation processes.


The release of carbon dioxide into the environment could result in mass extinction! - Regardless of the cause, natural or from man, the result is the same. All it takes is a six degree Celsius change in the average temperature of the earth to release large pockets of methane in hydrate form trapped at the far northern hemisphere to further aggravate the temperature change and cause a forty degree change in temperature. It would kill everything off. See the video:


A message from the Democratic National Committee - We Struck a Nerve!


Gary Johnson just sent me this e-mail. - He speaks of the Obama Administration's arrogant cruelty by shutting down just 18% of the US Government and not saving a single dime of the public money.  Read More: Government slowdown


I congratulate Bashar al-Assad for his re-election in Syria. - This is interesting because Mr. Assad has been demonized for gassing his own people by the western press. The Assyrians didn't seem to feel any duress while voting  and there were both yes and no votes for him. This suggests that most were in favor of him. This is hardly the behavior that one would expect from a populace that experienced gassings from their leader. I think the gassings come from the Zionist mercenaries trained in Saudi Arabia and Jordan to discredit Mr. Bashar al-Assad. Some of them are assigned to Syria and are now in Ukraine for the civil war to defeat the people's will in Southern Ukraine in favor of Kiev puppet regime. Heinous and horrific crimes are committed against the innocent civilians with indiscriminate aerial bombings with missiles and incendiary devices and materials  and with tank shelling directed at people that can't fight back. The neo-Nazi mercenaries from military contractors and from the Kiev puppet shoot, maim and kill both civilian and some pro-Russian (Russian speaking) ragtag militia members. 


Secretary of State John Kerry called the Assyrian Election a "great big zero" because all Assyrians didn't get a chance to vote; US paid mercenaries that occupy certain regions prevented the vote. This US move is a geo-political move for the favor of Israel against Syria, for whom Israel wants a puppet government, so it can control, manipulate and destroy the Assyrian occupants. It's Israel who essentially controls the US political system.


The midterm election season is here! The thing to do is ignore the campaign ads. These kinds of ads are propaganda and useless for good decision making. Look at the ballot and look at all the offices and legal proposals and try to gather unbiased information. Consider all serious candidates. Don't consider their likelihood of winning. From that, make your best intelligent decision. You can't do much harm kicking the Zionist duo-nationalist office holders, warmongers and hawks out of office. Those in Kentucky definitely want to remove Mitch McConnell from office. Your county needs you more than ever to make the best decision or you may lose your civil rights. Being lazy will cost you dearly. Get out and vote!

California Election Examples On How To Vote  У нас есть перевод на русском языком для выборов!

The midterm election season is over and California voters did a good job on the prepositions. This, except prop. 45. Too many people were swayed by the campaign ads from the insurance companies. Things will be as they are, where the insurance companies can charge whatever they want and shortchange providers on the medical claims. The insurance companies took advantage of your psychological vulnerabilities and lied to you. Now, you are going to be taken to the cleaners and you can forget about that new car or house. And, you are required to buy the policies by law with the "Affordable HealthCare Act". The state Insurance Commissioner can't control the rates because proposition 45 didn't pass. There is no real competition in the medical insurance market in California. The politician mentioned in the ads is the Insurance Commissioner. The thing to do is ignore the campaign ads.

And please don't despair! Virginia kicked Eric Cantor out of office last year. So, it can be done. You can always have meetings with your neighbors and friends to discuss the various candidates and issues.

Are you noticing the much lower gas prices at the pump? Well, this is a tactic to keep the bought incumbents in office. When the elections are over, they will jump sky high once again. We see this pattern most of the time in recent times. Don't fall for it! 

The elections are over, but sadly you people re-elected the foreigners back into office again. The only good thing is some of them decided to quit. We have to patient about this. It takes time for the word to get out. Let's face it the government is dysfunctional and all kinds of crazy things are happening with the foreign policy  and if you are a working family about $1000 dollars of your money goes to Israel for all kinds of cruel and sinister purposes. I want to thank those who voted against these people! We need to be better informed and in two years, we can try again.

For the Georgia US Senate race, David Perdue is the winner and I congratulate the good people of Georgia for this success.


Somehow like magic, the vanished money has reappeared - Gee! I thought we were broke and as the Republicans say - We must cut social entitlements and screw people because of seventeen trillion dollar deficit. But when it comes to war and defense, we don't worry about it; we have plenty of money. Somehow the IRS can give 5 billon to Lithuania and  US DOD can spend billions on a new plutonium plant that can have risk of it's own and can escalate an arm race. The Union of Concerned Scientist says there is a better and less costly way. LEARN MORE    

Fellow Virginian congressmen blame Eric Cantor for the prolonged government shutdown. - From Huffington Post: WASHINGTON -- Two Virginia congressmen fumed Tuesday about the damage being done to their state by the ongoing government shutdown and laid the blame squarely on a fellow Virginian, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R), for preventing lawmakers from voting on a bill to immediately end it. During a press conference, Democratic Reps. Gerry Connolly and Jim Moran said the shutdown has hurt Virginia more than any other state. They pointed out that more than 185,000 Virginia residents are federal employees and federal spending represents about one-third of the state's entire economy. In addition, Virginia is home to a large number of veterans who are now experiencing delays in receiving their benefits. Eric Cantor is Virginia's seventh district congressman. This district has a low population density and about 9% of the Virginian population. Yet Eric has the power to block legislation.

Eric Cantor was defeated in the primary election. He is a majority Republican  House leader that abused his power to block legislation to allow the government to function. Eric has a divided loyalty; he has a duel nationality and is pro-Zionist. He favors Israel first! He also was meeting with neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine, to hurt Eastern Ukrainians and start a global war. I am glad Virginians took the time and interest to have this sleaze ball removed.

Eric Cantor and the menorah
member of the Chabad Lubavitch sect

See some more!





More needs to be done to remove the dual citizenship congresspersons. We have 39 more to kick out of office. You're asked to be 100% loyal when you take a teaching job. So, is not asking too much for our Congress to be 100% loyal? This nation has made some serious errors in our foreign policy that has killed and hurt millions of people.  We need to get these people that don't have our best interest at heart OUT!


Is America's support of Israel really worth it?

США Конгресс на мертвой точке. -
Неуплата долга произойдёт, это время. Прогрессивное разрешение застрял в палате представителей. Спикер Палаты, Джон Боехер, будет блокировать разряда петицию из членов Конгресса. Без прогрессивного разрешения, потолок долга не может подняться. Мы будем в состоянии дефолта по четверг или по вашу пятницу. Я верю, что основным препятствием к этой законодательной процедуры с Эриком Кантором. Он лидер большинства в Палате. Он имеет связи с крупными международными банковскими учреждениями. Потому что Президент Обама решение не бомбить Сирию, эти люди возмущены. Это вымогательство! С долгом в 16,7 триллиона долларов, нация является банкротом.


You need to ask your Congressman about this:

How was this child a threat to national security? Or even Israel's?

How as a taxpayer and constituent can I approve of this waste of tax funds to destroy the life of this child, when we have a serious debt problem?

Why did you vote for this?



I just learned today about our marionette Barack Obama making accusations against Russia about inrush of tank convoys into Ukraine which is not true. He also has the gall to blame Russia for the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 Boing aircraft, also not true. The White House has no credibility at all, furthermore there is no convincing proof. Ho.. Ho.. Pinocchio!

Я узнал сегодня о нашем марионетке Бараке Обама делая обвинения против России о пусковой конвое танков  в Украине, которые не верно. Также, у него есть смелость обвинить Россию за уничтожение самолёта от Malaysian Airlines Боинг MH17, также которые не верно.  У Белого дома нет доверия, на всех. А, у них нет убедительного доказательство.  Ха... Ха... Буратино!


Recently I have heard about agent provocateurs - Those people that try to aggravate destructive action when a protest is going on, like smashing windows and causing fires. In Oakland, two of them were caught red handed throwing things and banging on windows to get the crowds to join in. It turns out they were undercover cops. Last night an undercover cop in Oakland drew his firearm on a group of demonstrators before arresting a black man from among the crowd. Protesters at the scene reported on Twitter that the cop pulled his gun after he was revealed as an undercover cop. One person tweeted that the undercover cops were “instigators of looting,” while another said they were “banging on windows.” After they were unmasked, one of the cops drew his baton and then pulled a gun on the crowd. After the first officer drew his weapon, someone allegedly punched the other cop in the face, knocking him down.



Hundreds of technology companies line up to oppose TPP trade agreement!!

Letter signed by more than 250 companies demands greater transparency and says ‘dangerously vague’ language would criminalize whistleblowers.

The actual bill is secret and only those with clearance are allowed to read it! This is not for the people but only for a few! No democracy!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another Willey corporations are trying to pull on you!

This will involve stripping away our human rights. It will further destroy what's left of our dwindling middle class. It will take public interest programs out of our control and globalize it with the control by a small group of corbel. The lobbyist are trying to streamline the legist procedure to make it a up/down roll call vote to make it pass. If it passes, you won't have free speech as guaranteed by first amendment of US constitution. We will lose our sovereignty. Most likely, the stanch conservatives of the GOP are behind it.


Our beloved Harper Lee has passed away. She is the author of "To Kill a Mockingbird" originally published in 1960 and "Go Set a Watchman" never published until 2015. She was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1961 and the inspiration of "To Kill a Mockingbird" film in 1962, starring Gregory Peck, which I think possesses the very best black-and-white cinematography ever, a credit to Russell Harland. I have a book review on "To Kill a Mockingbird". Just scroll down to the end of the page.


Ted Cruz as Presidential Candidate made some feisty remarks about the Iran Incident, during the Republican National Debates on TV. The incursion is a staged event and was not accidental. It was sponsored by Israeli shills and the internal shadow government to scuttle the Iran nuclear arms agreement. This is about the ten American sailors that got into Iranian waters of the Persian Gulf whose mission was to secretly send in ISIL mercenary agents into Iran to destabilize the country in riverine command boats, near Farsi Island. Iran pardoned them and they had good Persian meal on Persian rugs courtesy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. John Kerry thanked them for their uncalled for hospitality.

And then we have Cruz's feisty, crazy and hostile remarks:

"And I give you my word, if I am elected president, no service man or service woman will be forced to be on their knees, and any nation that captures our fighting men will feel the full force and fury of the United States of America". 


Don Black of had his Domain Name revoked allegedly by some complaining Jew. The StormFront website is non violent and only wants to tell the truth. I think he has the right to tell his side of the story, whether or not you agree with him. It's not hate speech; it only  tells of crimes committed by Jewish and other kinds of criminals in high places - exposes the hypocrisies of the Jewish supremacist. Upon further examination, the web site has some slang and profanity and is best for adults only.

Link to StormFront on the Dark Web!              Link to

Mr. Black encourages financial contributions to help fight back!

You can get Mr. Black's podcasts at: