We are at war with the Globalists.


They want to kill off much of humanity.


Know who they are and donít trust the controlled mainstream media.


Avoid the forced COVID vaccines. They killed thousands and there better treatments if one should get COVID. You may a have a case of the flu.

The COVID tests are not reliable.



For more information, go to InfoWars:https://www.banned.video/†† orhttps://infowars.com


For the David Knight Show:https://thedavidknightshow.podbean.com/


This book is must read:


Donald Trump is apart of it.

This book blew me away.

The present day Israel is Satanic

The US Senate and House of Representatives represent first and foremost a Satanic Israel with the select elite of the Ashkenazi Jews.

You can get it at Money Tree Publishing:





The Synagogue of Satan appears in the Book of Revelation in the Bible

Rev 2:8-9; Rev 3:7-9


David Duke has published a book called Jewish Supremacism

I tried to give these books away. Only one person, open minded enough, took the book I gave them.

People are so brainwashed or scared to learn the truth how the American people have been taken advantaged of,
robbed and killed by war and by other ways.

Itís time to wake up. Donít be afraid to learn.

You can get a copy from the public library.

Jews have a Holocaust industry, donít believe the lie about 6 million Jews killed in gas chambers.

You can believe about 10 million Germans killed after the war by General Eisenhower.

Donít believe me. Find out for yourself.


For Dave Duke Podcast: http://www.renseradioarchives.com/dduke/


Sandy Hook Information