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There is growing concern about the safety of vaccines. 70 SHOTS BY AGE 18!! Vaccines are neither safe nor efficacious. You should avoid them; they are junk. Medical personnel are under tremendous pressure to give them without hesitation and will lie to patients about the side effects and the risk of injury. I hear horror stories about children getting autism from the neurological poisons in these shots such as aluminum and mercury. The vaccine manufacturers are not liable, nor are the personnel that gave the shot and nor are the medical establishments. When injury occurs, they cover their cans. YOU ARE WARNED!

Occasionally you will hear in the media about outbreaks. These kinds of reports are propaganda and are not likely to be entirely true. There are usually alternatives that are much safer than immunizations. Don't fall for it!

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Douglas & London Attorneys Dr. John Bergman Information about Vaccines

'Learn The Risk' Organization http://www.vaxxed.com

Don't be intimidated by health providers, insurance companies, school administrators and law enforcement authorities. Stand up and protect your children from this assault from corrupt institutions. Tell the school that your child is going to school with no vaccines. Period! Tell them if they should vaccinate your child and he's injured, that you will get back at them.

I have heard and former CIA spy Kevin Shipp suspects: The vaccination program is a part of a depopulation move of the Deep State or shadow government.

Some say you should do the research before vaccinating. But because of the highly scientific and medical issues involved, it is very difficult to weigh the merits of vaccinating or not, even if the information is reliable and often it isn't. Don't waste your time; don't vaccinate.

Нет уколам! Уколы опасно!

This is the most bizarre case yet of vaccine injury yet. This poor lady who has been put through hell and back, went to Saint Peter's Hospital in New Brunswick; they forced the two counts of HepB vaccine on her two month old son Karen. The inflammation from the shots caused hemorrhage in the brain and cerebral edema. The hospital brought in the police and accused her of shaking the baby. It was not enough to be dismissed of liability. They have to make the mother liable of a crime she didn't do. What gall! After exhaustive expensive legal bills, she was cleared.


Gee, I thought we had free speech in this country! While I don't agree with Alex Jones, the controllers of the narrative have banned his material from most of the digital platforms. You can still download his podcasts, Here is the link:




Rebekah Roth and George Noory talk about the 911 incident of September 11, 2001. Rebekah has done some research on the subject and has some surprising conclusions. The 911 incident was a psychological operation by our government, the secret think tanks and neo-cons. This is some of the most provocative audio recordings ever. Must listen!



Rebekah Speaks about 911


Kevin Shipp lectures at clubs and events.
He was a former CIA agent, an officer in anti-terrorism. He has some surprising information about the Deep State and Shadow Government.


Kevin Shipp about the Secret Government


M. S. King, a historian, reveals the hidden truth about WW2.

A story of genocide and destruction at the expense of most, while only the warmongers profit from it. Background from the 19th century to present day.

Download it or buy a hard copy!


Download The Bad War The $36 Dollar Paperback Edition: http://tomatobubble.com/worldwarii.html


There is a very bad antidemocratic bill in the US Senate, that's the Israel Anti-Boycott Act (SB.720). It makes it a crime to advocate for an embargo or sanctions against Israel. Those that violate it would be felons than can get 20 years in prison and a one million dollar fine. This violates people's constitutional rights and the right of association. This bill was originated by Maryland Senator Ben Cardin (D). Such boycotts would be of concern of less than 1% of the US population. The ACLU is against it.


This is about the Russian collusion especially and countless other items that are politically charged!

The mainstream media thinks we're idiots! To buy in on the media narrative, you must believe the following:

1) What was reveled is super secret, yet we don't know what it was.

2) Random anonymous sources from the intelligence community must be believed, without question
- you need not know the sources.

3) When the media publishes classified material, including intelligence by our allies and material leaked by anyone other that the office of the President is completely awesome.

4) The media has been shown to be completely wrong repeatedly, but are not wrong this time.



SEE THIS VIDEO: Who owns America? Ask Congress!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPFtSB0K9I8


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Illustrated Rooms in the House!



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Each of the these stories are read orally. English learners need to hear the language, because the written and spoken forms are really two different languages:

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Here is the classic Three Bears Story in Russian and English

I'm The Red Square Guide in Russian and English

New Year's Story in Russian and English

The Scarlet Sails Story in Russian and English

The classic fairy tale Red Riding Hood in Russian and English


For English Learners! A New Concise Pronunciation Guide!


The Department of Defense name is a misnomer. It could be called the Department of Discretionary Offensive Warfare for the Sake of Israel.


So called "Israeli Art Students" setting fuses and charges
in the
World Trade Center
for planned demolition with the people in the buildings!

What Was Behind The 911 Incident? Others were in involved in the crime! See Professor Jones' video!

День Девятисот Одиннадцати
Это с русским яыком!

CIA false flag and psychological operation!


Today I talk of September 11! We hear the official account of that day in 2001, the day America was attacked. They want you to remember, to remember the myth. They want you to forget the true story. Most people by now know the true story. If your still in the dark, learn the truth.

This event was an inside job to fulfill the objectives of shadow government, mainly the domination of the Middle East and turn the USA into a police state. It was very successful and deceived the public and promoted Islamophobia. The incident was a psychological operation. It will be repeated again in the future.

Such a crime is expected to be repeated again and very soon. We could have a major collapse and you will be on your own for survival. Now is the time to prepare! Have plenty of water and nonperishable food on hand along with other essentials!


Mr. Dave's Audio on the 911 Incident - X22 Report

911 Video Exhibit

It has come to my attention that dozens of Russian nationals were killed at the World Trade Center on that dreadful day September 11, 2001 in New York City. This murder has serious geopolitical significance across the world. I am so sorry about those affected. I offer my sincere condolences.

К моему пониманию, что десятки российских граждан убивали в Всемирном торговом центре в этой страшном дне, 11 сентября 2001 году в Нью-Йорке. У этого убийствя есть серьезная геополитическая значимость во всем мире. Это внутренняя работа. Мне очень жаль слышать об этом. Я предлагаю свои искренние соболезнования.

Holocaust is a Physical Impossibility! Learn More

Hear Pastor Steven Anderson on the Holocaust Myth --- Did the Holocaust really happen?

What is a holocaust? This term is used by Jews to describe a burnt offering. Often they were animal sacrifices, but they can be human sacrifices. In ancient times the Jews would have a idol god called "Baal" and they sacrificed babies by throwing them in a fiery tophet, which is a very cruel practice. This to be an offering to the idol god. You would be surprised to learn that the practice still continues covertly. The World War II Holocaust story that is part of the misinformation after 1967, was a human sacrifice of a sort and not just for the Jews but every kind of human being. Everyone has felt the negative effects of the War, including me. And it begat the pervasive threat of nuclear war. Those Jews that could have saved the European Jews from harm did nothing; they wanted it to be a sacrifice to Baal. This is why the period from 1940 to 1945 is called the Holocaust.


Chaim Hirschel Mordechai - The Jewish name of Karl Marx -- He was a Jew!

Хаим Гершель Мордехай - Еврейское имя Карла Маркса - Он был евреем!

Lev Davidovich Bronstein - The Jewish name of Leon Trotsky - He was a Jew!

Лев Давидович Бронштейн - Еврейское имя Льва Троцкого - Он был евреем!

Their Title Spoken in Russian and English

Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda - The chief of the Russian Cheka and NKVD. He was responsible for the murder of millions in the USSR. He was a Jew!

Генрих Григорьевич Ягода - Начальник Чрезвычайной Комиссии и НКВД. Он был ответственность за убийство миллионов людей в СССР. Он был евреем!

Most of the commissars that hurt the people of the USSR were Jewish, which worked together in a tight knit oppressive organization.

Большинство комиссаров, которые наносят ущерб народу СССР были евреями, которая работала вместе в плотно вязаного репрессивной организации.

The Monsanto family was involved in the American negro slave trade, for a century or more. The Monsanto's were a Jewish family.

Семья Монсанто занималась американской негритянской работорговлей, за век и большое. Монсанто была еврейской семьёй.

Talk of senatorial corruption on steroids! Senator Tom Cotton received a bribe directly from Benjamin Netanyahu himself of one million dollars to help his campaign. This favor is for the sabotage of the Iran nuclear agreement and prolonged Middle East involvement obviously not in the interest of the people.

The Sandy Hook Massacre on December 14, 2012 appears to had been staged as a psychological operation, to instill fear in families and to make them more amenable to gun prohibition, so the government can fulfill UN Small Arms Treaty. When people lose their gun rights, they are made soft targets for the government and the criminals. Jim Fetzer has written a book with compelling evidence that this incident is fake, phony and false. Attempts have been made to ban this book. Read this PDF book! Nobody Died At Sandy Hook


Different Ways to Detect False Flag Shootings:

These are psychological operations to help remove arms from the people:

1) You notice heightened media coverage. More about event itself and less about the victims.

2) The gunman commits suicide or is killed quickly by the cops. There are no survivors to talk about the incident.

3) The unusual quickness of the investigation to solve the crime.

4) Strong evidence of preparation beforehand - drills, setups and secret meetings and etc.

5) The event occurs in a weapons free zone, a place where guns are prohibited.

6) Muslims are said to be involved or some undesired minority from ethnic, racial or religious groups of some kind is suspected.

7) The shooter is said to be unstable or mentally ill.

8) The shooter has a new social media account, but never in the past.

9) Unemotional crisis actors are staged for interviews by the media.

10) The families don't sue, but receive hush money from the government.

11) Impetus to pass new restrictive laws.

If most of these conditions are met, then chances are good it's a false flag event!


About The ADL - This is a Jewish advocacy group in favor of Israel and fair treatment of Jews. They have a reputation of being the thought police. Many critics of ADL say that it doesn't really represent the common Jew's interest. I have some recordings from William Cooper, a very brave man that challenges the unchallengeable. HEAR THE AUDIO!

I am directly responsible for influencing Russia to sell the S-300 missile systems to Iran. Relations between Russia and Iran are complex. They don't really like each other that much. Russia was very indecisive about selling such arms. But when I told them about Israel's deliberations about using nuclear first strike weapons against Iran, they went along with the sale. This is to make Israel think twice about using nuclear weapons against anybody.

I am hearing rumors about a possible false flag attack by Israeli Mossad agents in the United States, in which they will use a radiological bomb in a population center as a psychological operation, to get the US into another war; the target for the blame is Iran.

Senator John McCain!

Why are you meeting with the ISIS enemy fighters?

John McCain has passed away.
It's very good news!

I would have liked the deliberate action of the voters of Arizona to remove him from office.


My opinion on the President's request to Congress on the authorization to use military force in Iraq and Iran!



Full proof method to cooking hard boiled eggs New! Да, тоже на русском языкке!

The Chief Insider of the Shadow Government Firmly related to 911 incident

Dr. Steven Jones' Research Paper on the Scientific Findings of 911

Official List of the 911 Perpetrators All of them still alive!

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The incident on 6/12/16 in Orlando, Florida at 2:00 AM EDT, where a gunman fired lethal shots at a gay nightclub, seems to be another psychological operation by our government to remove firearms from the citizens. I remind you that we don't have a representative government. You have a constitutional right to defend yourself from harm. If the police can't help with your security; you, just to survive, need to fight back; even if it means using a gun. The US government treats the constitution like toilet paper. The government is so dysfunctional that the US courts don't do their job to protect the people's liberty.

Mr. Dave's Opinion from X-22 Report Website http://www.x22report.com

I find it odd that one gunman could kill and injure 102 people. He would need at least 102 rounds and be 100% efficient. I don't know about an assault rifle that has that capability. The biggest capacity magazine is thirty rounds. It just doesn't seem right, that a lone gunmen could do this! There are likely others involved. He received help of some kind. I thought there was a magazine size restriction of ten rounds. A law went into effect in 1993. Why was it not enforced?


Mr. Trump speaks of the Islamic extremists coming into our country as the problem and I don't disagree, but he overlooks another kind of extremist - the Zionist extremists. They have infiltrated all our institutions and will bring our country down. This incident could have been politically motivated and the shooter, Omar, was made a patsy, for the goal to take our human rights away. The political correctness regimen that Trump talks of, is mainly used to protect the Zionist extremists in the US Government and all other American institutions. Little do you know that the Zionists (Israeli Mossad agents) were planting fuses in the World Trade Center for planned demolitions with the people in the buildings, in 2001. The other protected classes of people that PC is intended to protect are a smokescreen to protect the radical Zionists. Donald Trump's Opinion